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Unspeakable Cosmic Horror

Read about Elliott and Rossio’s Godzilla in my new article:


Primitive Mothra, from Rebirth of Mothra 3 (picture from Toho Kingdom).

"Hey guys, we need to make new Mothra larva props, only that they’re, like, kind of, prehistoric and everything. How do we make them?"

"Crocodile scales?"

"Good idea!"

Unspeakable Cosmic Horror turned 1 today (well, the 26th)!

…And I wouldn’t have noticed weren’t it for Tumblr’s unbearably cute notification mails.

Fuck yeah Scorponok.

More Godzilla 1998 because there’s never enough. Here’s Steve Wang painting one of the baby Godzilla heads for the film.

Let’s go with more Godzilla 1998 today. This was one of the four drawings that Patrick Tatopoulos showed to the TOHO executives the day the project was proposed to the studio.


OH MY GOD!!! Gas is $1.15! Oh, and there’s a T. Rex there.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

One  of the best animatronics ever made. Look at how realistically it tilts its head — wonderful.

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Article by yours truly on the 1998 Godzilla's score.

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"I ALSO have a saying: I. Don’t. Care."

- Lockdown

Best line in the film!

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Here’s my newest project, a spin-off of Monster Legacy entirely dedicated to the Making of Godzilla.

If you want, there’s also a Facebook page for updates: